How to Personalize Your Zentai Suit

Published: 29th March 2011
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As more and more people enjoy to wear zentai suits this or that way, now we could get professional zentai providers online, at very reasonable price. There are unicolor zentai suits, which is all in one color, and you could choose your favourite color. There are also multicolor and flower pattern zentai suits.

Sometimes I feel itís a little bit pity that most suits we got are the pre-designed styles. To pursue the uniqueness and personality, I would like something more special for me. If you have the same desire as me occasionally, you may try some of my advice.

The first method we could use, and also the easy one, is to use the custom features provided by the zentai shops. We could ask the seller of these suits to tailor them with open eyes, open mouth, open nose, or whole face a hole. We could also ask them to tailor the feet with disjoined toes. However, for this feature you need to be careful that disjoin toes will make the wearing time of the suit longer. I have a suit with a removable hood, and thatís very convenient when wear it. We could also ask the provider to change the location of zips, or add zips at different places, such as a vertical zipper at front chest, or besides the legs. We could also make the gloves and feet removable too.

Most of these features cost a little bit extra payment, but compared with doing them by ourselves, that should be worthwhile.

Adding extra features by ourselves give us more freedom but also more works. You could wear the suit with some accessories, and this needs to test your appreciation for beauty and fashion. I ever tried to add some small lights bulbs to my suit, at the waist and leg area. That looks very cool for performance, but wasted 3 suits during the making process. Because the bulbs add the extra weight to the suit, you would need a thick cloth material suit. A friend of mine ever tried to burn a pair of diving glasses to the eyes part of a suit, and not sure whether he succeeded yet.

I will share with you more if I find other interesting stuff about personalize zentai suits.

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