TV Shows and Zentai Suits

Published: 04th May 2011
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Have you ever heard of the word zentai? Have you ever seen a zentai suit, or a person encased in it? If you think the answer is definitely NO, you may have a look at the shows and movies mentioned in this article, and see how close the zentai costumes are to you. Not only the well-known famous Mr. Spider-Man, Superhero, Avatar, even the recently hot discussed Wonder Woman’s wear, could be called zentai costume. Here in this article, I want to list out a few zentai images from our popular shows.

In this process of zentai development, many factors have stimulated the development, such as the famous singer Lady Gaga, whose flesh color lycra zentai suit with shoes and jacket, has become a classic in fashion world. As a new beginning trend, the zentai related stuff on TVs, also contributed to this. Also there are many dancers and performers in shiny metallic suits and appear in the music products, such as a high elastic skin-tight garment with only two eyes outside, or add ears and tails for show.

These modern medias have ensured the success of the growing influence and knowledge about zentai suits, and now it's quite different from what it was in 15 years ago, when there were only some Japanese and a few people knew this word, and we could never saw them on street.

Talking about the TV shows which have zentai suits appeared, the first name comes into my mind is Green Man from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It could also be regarded as a kind of cosplay, as the Halloween following the appearance of Green Man, a lot of people wear green lycra suits to celebrate the holiday.

Possibly due to its origin, many of the zentai suits showed in TV, still related with Japan. The Finland TV show Madventures, the suits show when the crew are on their way to a love hotel in Japan. Other shows containning the zentai suits we could list here are: Arte, an European TV show, and later also partially translated into Germany; Smirnoff advert from UK, and there is a woman wearing a tiger lycra spandex zentai suit. When watched that, I even took a photo of the TV screen directly, but the effect is not very good.

In the long history of human beings, we are always explore the physical and inner world, struggle to survive and then struggle to get self personalization freed. We have got many ways to show ourselves and in current modern world, we get more and more freedom to do and to wear whatever we like, and zentai costumes, is only one small way, to show ourselves, in the artistic way, and to explore our inner mind, by getting ourselves in something we love. Thanks for the great contribution of what media has done in this process.

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